The Power

The first known prayer beads are Rudraksha. The word Rudraksha is Sanskrit and comes from hindu mythology and means, ‘tears of Shiva’. Shiva meditated for wellbeing of mankind. When he finished his meditation and opened his eyes, he let tears out of compassion. The tears crystalised when they touched the ground and formed the Eleacarpus tree. The tree offers a blue berrie and inside you can find the Rudraksha beads. The Rudraksha beads are holy in Buddhist and Hindu religion. They bring a balancing energy by giving space for positive thoughts. In this way, the rudraksha seeds balance the wearer. In the Vedas the sacred Rudraksha beads are also mentioned as a traditional medicine. Rudraksha beads vary in size from 3 to 40 mm. The smaller beads are most seldom and most expensive. Rudraksha are strong and last till 8 generations! Important is that every bead has different facets, called mukhi. The amount of mukhi vary from 1 till 21, and less often, even more. Each number has significant properties. Mala Spirit uses the rudraksha with 5 mukhi which represents traditionaly Lord Shiva. According to ancient Texts , Rudraksha represents Lord Shiva . Rudra + aksha = Rudraksha , Means it originates from the eyes (aksha) of Lord Shiva ( Rudra) in the form of fruit and flower. Its colour is brown. It is found on Earth in form of seed on the tree. This tree is considered pious and has amazing spiritual, materialistic and physical benefits. Even in modern science, many scientists, based on the research and evidences, support the ancient belief of the existence of divine power in these small beads. Rudra Divine Just wearing like a rascal don't give u solution as supposed by setha Rudraksha works best only when u have pure mind with perfect habits like Remove mala at night and wear only after bath Never use at cremation, sex, driking alcohol, eating tamsic food like onion garlic & dirty places where negative energy is high because rudrakha react and it has bad effects on person who wear. U can wear rudraksa 24 hrs only when u have strict life habits like a sanyasi not like a animal just for the sake of show off Market is flooded with fake rudraksh so better to buy from geuine supplier else there is no benefit. Dont wear rudraksa with tulsi mala as it react because of opposite energy Rudraksa represent shiva wheras tulsi represent vishnu