World War -III

It is not a joke

The battlegrounds of Worldwar-I that took place in 1914-18 are still being cleaned up. More than 5 crore people (close to the total population of Andhra) lost their lives back then. It takes more than 100 years to clean up everything that's sabotaged in the Worldwar-II in 1939-45. More than 10 crore casualties took place then. The technology has advanced & nuclear power that is 3500 times more powerful than "Little boy & Fat man" missiles (that destroyed Hiroshima & Nagasaki) was tested back under the name TSAR BOMBA in 1961 itself. Many countries were suspected to have secretly researched on missiles that are 1000 times powerful than TSAR BOMBA before 1991. It's been 29 years since then. More & more deadly weapons of destruction have been tested & kept under control. Imagine the level of destruction they can cause once they are triggered. And people on internet are making trends & memes on Worldwar-III as if it's a competition of game of checkers 👏🏻