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About Pondicherry

SERENITY OF PONDY ❤️ Usually when you come across the phrase "old-fashioned", you'd probably start under-estimating things But, "Pondicherry" breaks all your stereotypical thoughts & leaves you jaw-dropped with its colorful & super-elegant lifestyle. You come across many old fashioned cars (especially Ford tudor & Classic kinsmart) on the streets that remind you that you've stepped into the French-India. The clean, vibrant & contrastive colours on the walls, well-maintained roads, hanging Geranium/Rosemary gardens, well-designed churches, beautiful beaches & lighthouse, French colonies, Sunday markets, Auroville & Aurobindo ashrams - All these things are a complete visual feast to the tourists & tell you why Pondy is called "The Riviera of the East" A blend of Indian & French traditions here brings before us many intriguing things like: French style sculptures of famous Indian figures, French cuisine with spicy Indian twist, Indian temples amidst French gardens The best way you can explore the place is by riding around on a bicycle. Trust me, After exploring the whole place, No one has ever left without falling in love with it 😅